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Πέμπτη, 11 Απριλίου 2013

Come and Save me! !

Oh, come and save me, now
I cannot bear this pain
My dreams torment me
My hopes make me cry
I've nothing left here, 
As you left me lonely
Oh, come and save me
I dip in the griefs, 
That you gave me
I die in my soul
Befriend with my pains
Oh, come and save me, now
The shadows of lonliness
That separate me from you
I've lost my sleep
When you left me
And I cry in my blues
can you see my griefs
From above blue skies
Oh, come and save me, now
I hate this emptiness
In that now I'm going through 
I've no paths before my eyes
To reach there in your side
In the azure skies......
Oh, come and save me, now......
Come to my soul again
And save me from this hell...

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